Who we are
For 50 years Biba's has been the reference point for all women attentive to the latest fashion trends who want to take care of their look, with style.
In our boutique we carefully select clothing, accessories and shoes from the best Italian and international brands, both for an important event and for everyday life.
Our shop is in via Chiappero 15, a side street of via Torino in the heart of Pinerolo, a few steps from Piazza Cavour.
Our highly qualified staff has always guided customers with courtesy, providing a unique shopping experience.

At the end of the 1960s, while in Paris the fiery winds of the protest "raised" their skirts and stirred bodies and mentalities, on the Côte d'Azur another protest - albeit lighter and more delicate than the "French May" - upset the canons up to in use at the time: fashion discovered pret-à-porter. A not insignificant revolution, which has changed fashion and customs in the rich world. Bruna Rolando, at that time a curious girl from Pinerolo who was passionate about fashion, did not miss that novelty and on 6 December 1970 it was she who opened the first boutique, BIBA'S, in the heart of Pinerolo. Inspired by the cult London store in vogue in the 70s, BIBA'S imports the city's trends into the city, the best of the creativity of the moment: dresses, bags, shoes, cotton jeans, velvet trousers with the Italian brands Mistral, Bel Bottom the new course of fashion and consumption, bringing with it a clear (and pleasant) break with the past. The reception was extraordinary.

After 50 years of activity, the enthusiasm and desire to dress well women are always crucial points in the BIBA'S team, now led by Leonardo Ferri, the son of Bruna. The story continues...